30000 kHz

30,000 Kilohertz of Sound uses found audio as suggestions to create a montage of improvised scenes. Our most recent episode uses the vimeo channel of popular website to create some unique and bizarre "audio theater".

Here is the link to the.mp3: CLICK TO LISTEN

The show started as a LIVE theater performance which exclusively used radio signals to inspire scenes but slowly evolved into using any found audio and recording in a makeshift studio.

30,000 Kilohertz will be appearing at the 1st Annual NYC Improv Festival, closing out the four nights of shows from around the country - Saturday, March 24th at Midnight.




Mar, 06 2012 by Shawn Wickens


Sean Behrens
Luke Tourville


Recent credits include WORKING with STAGEWEST and CULTURE SHOCK 1911-1922! with HORIZON THEATRE REP. He recently contributed to the NEWMEDIA webseries THE LIVES OF S as well as the short film THE CURRENT. He has a BFA in ACTING from DRAKE UNIVERSITY.